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OPTUS $2 Prepaid Starter Pack

$2.00 inc. GST

Grab your Free Optus SIM today (redeem code 2021 at checkout).

Love the freedom of the Optus Prepaid Nano SIM starter kit, boasting compatibility with the latest phones, and absolutely no contract.

Optus X Lite 3G

$49.00 inc. GST

For those who are after a phone without the frills the Optus X Lite hits all the right notes. It’s our best value 3G Feature phone so that you’ll be able to stay connected without taking a hit in the hip pocket.

Optus X Start 4G

$89.00 inc. GST

With its distinctive design, 4G connectivity and full view display, you’ll soon be the greatest at selfies and staying connected effortlessly with the Optus X Start – it’s a great value 4G smartphone.